March 2019 - John Turk

To the left is Lisa and her son, John Turk. John, decided to donate a dollar from each week of his allowance to our cause. His mother told me, he loves to read, and feels bad that there are kids that can't access text. (And he read Einstein was dyslexic, so maybe he can help out a future genius!! lol) 

April 2019 - Alex & Mike Haag

Alex and Mike wanted to contribute to the center and shampooed the chairs in the waiting area! Great Job! So thankful.  

April 2019 - Generous Donor

One of our amazing contributors wanted to bless the center and tutors by providing 3 brand new IPads, keyboards, and software for the Barton Tiles App! Thank you for your generosity! Much Appreciated! 

April 2019 - Caleb Martin

In the summer of 2005, my son Caleb and I entered the Alaskan wilderness. My pioneering husband, three other children, Caleb and I had smashed and jammed five weeks worth of rain, snow, fishing, and hiking gear into 9 pieces of duffle bags and luggage and loaded them in the Suburban. We drove to Reagan International in D.C, jetted to Anchorage, RV’d to Soldotna, and bush-planed to Kalgin Island. This was a wilderness land. No cell phones, no electricity, no cars, no flashy modern tools of which to speak.  Our first week in Alaska was spent on rocky narrow beaches, four-wheeling through paths of broad, leafy, salmonberry bushes dripping with bright pink berries the size of small walnuts and wading with the salmon who swam upstream in pristine creeks....

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