Bridging the Gaps Tutors

Steps to Watching Training Videos

1. click on the link below

Bridging the Gaps Tutors

Steps to Watching Training Videos

2.      Username:

         Password: mskk4043

Please contact me for technical questions. Please don't contact Susan Barton as I can answer your technical issues :) 

Training Manuals-Click the Manual for the PDF


          Level 1

          Level 2 

          Level 3 


1. Code to the building - 0511 - Do not share with anyone.

2. Meet students at the front and walk them down to meet their parents.

3. Please direct people to use the back bathroom as the first one is gross. - show them how to flush as it is broken. 

4. Code to the lockbox is 4043

5. Username for Wifi is BTG1  Password: jesusislord or BTGguest Password: dyslexia

6. Please wipe your area with the wipes in the room when finished and leave the space neat and tidy. 

7. Please do NOT remove any curriculum from the premises. The site license is to be used at the center. This means not uploaded any curriculum (aside from the training manuals) to your emails. etc. Susan has trusted me with this privilege of the site license and we all need to respect her and the rules. Thanks :) 

8. Do not share passwords to groups, sites, etc. with others. 

9. Please turn off the lights and lock up if you are the last person to leave. 

10. Here is a sample contracts for you to use. Click this SAMPLE REMOTE TUTORING CONTRACT to give to parents. SAMPLE IN PERSON TUTORING CONTRACT

11. You MUST be committed to this cause in order for me to refer business to you and that is a commitment to do this program to the fidelity of which it was written. That means you need to watch the training videos BEFORE you tutor the student in that book. I understand they are time consuming, but the student is deserving of your very best :) Thank you for your integrity in this matter. 

12. Please pay the $50 through this button. It is linked to the nonprofit, but not as a donation. This is what my amazing bookkeeper gals suggested.  


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1. click on the link below - Full Access for All Levels & Unlimited Time!

3.      Click on what lesson you want to watch. 

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