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The RISE Leadership Workshop's mission is to grow and develop leadership skills in young adults who display leadership qualities with practical tools to help them achieve their full potential in this area. 

Student's will receive 14 hours of Leadership Training by experts in the field. 

2022 RISE Leadership Workshop (1).png

Step I

Steps to Apply: 

a. Fill Out the Application Online - Applications opens March 1, 2022 and the last day to apply ends May 10, 2022 (application will go live on March 1, 2022) Answer all the questions in the application. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Attachments to send with application:

b. Submit References (1 teacher/principal/counselor; 1 other leader- club leader, pastor, boss or supervisor). Please have them send their letter of reference on school/business letterhead if possible.

c. Write OR do a video presentation on your why you want to take this workshop

  • one page written

  • or 2-3 minute video - Convert to a YouTube link

d. Print off this Application Checklist 

e. Send all attachments to

Subject Line: RISE Leadership Workshop Attachments

Step 2

*You will receive notice via email or call of acceptance on or before May 10, 2022.

a. If accepted, you will need to raise the monies for the workshop. You may use this template letter to email or mail to friends and family. 

Click HERE for Fundraising Template Letter

Click HERE for the FLYER

b. Once accepted, we will call you to conduct an interview to get to know you better and tell you what you are to be expecting from the event. 

c. Do this ONLY if you are accepted.

Pay the $129 workshop fee:


Step 3

What to bring: 

a. Should you be accepted, please bring:

  • your snacks of choice

  • Favorite beverage (we have water, coffee, and hot chocolate)

  • Lunch is provided for Saturday, June 4 by Chick-fil-A Greeley.  Light snacks provided for the other session days. 

The location is TBA, and we will let you know well in advance of the location for the event.

RISE Leadership Conference (11).png

At the Workshop:

You will be learning about these topics: (14 Hours of Leadership Training)

  • * Relationships - Communication and Connection

  • * Influence - Qualities of a Leader

  • * Self-Growth- Developing a Growth Plan

  • * Equipping - Developing Career Preparation Skills


Key Note Speaker: 2021 Mrs. Colorado - Danette Haag


Step 4: After the Workshop 


1. You will be required to do a presentation to either a club group,

group of people, to your sponsors or classmates.

  • You can write a newsletter and email it or mail it. 

  • You can do a PowerPoint presentation and present it to them

  • You can do a live presentation

  • You can do a zoom presentation


2. You will receive a letter of recommendation from the RISE Leadership team that you can use for employment.

3. You will receive a certificate of completion showing they did 14 hours of Youth Leadership training. 

4. You will have an opportunity to be a round table leader as an alumni at future events. 

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