I have been struggling and worrying about our sweet Ayda Sweet Potata for over a year now. All of our kids were late readers but always really took off by 2nd and 3rd grade. Ayda just didn't seem to be getting it and I felt stressed and worried all the time.
Thankfully, Hannah, my daughter, brought to my attention the thought that maybe Ayda could be dyslexic because she wondered if she might also be. (That brought on whole 'nother guilt for me wondering how we failed Hannah???)
Anyway, I got in touch with Sue Bridgman who tested Ayda and we found out Ayda is moderate to severe dyslexic. (No wonder this has been so hard!) Sue began tutoring Ayda 4 times a week and Ayda is progressing so much.
I am so grateful for Sue and Ayda's progress and excitement to be reading. Look at the handwriting difference in a matter of weeks! Incredible!

Learning that my daughter Anya had dyslexia was both a relief and a source of distress. I finally knew what had been plaguing her ability to read and write but did not know what to do. Not being dyslexic myself, I feared for my daughter’s future thinking she would never be good at reading or writing. Thankfully I was referred to Sue Bridgeman for tutoring with the Barton system.


Within only a couple months of starting the program, I could see a change in her reading, writing and also her confidence. She would show me her writing with pride which was a stark difference to when she would cry and call her writing “ugly” as the print was large, missing the lines and words full of misspellings. That summer when she wanted to buy a chapter book at a bookstore, I cried. Sue using the Barton system had not only taught her how to read but helped her to actually enjoy reading. She no longer wanted to avoid it and it has become her favorite subject in school. I have often told others that Sue has an amazing gift with her ability to tutor that stretches beyond her years of experience teaching professionally and being trained in the Barton system. She has a natural strength to connect with each child and bring out the best in them.


Sue now tutors my youngest daughter, Elsie in addition to Anya and I am so grateful. Having dyslexia will challenge them throughout their education, but Sue using the Barton system is providing the best foundation for them to mitigate those challenges because they know that they can succeed with the right strategies and effort.


Thank you Sue. You are the best and we cannot appreciate you enough.

I can’t believe this day has finally come for Holden.  I started his tutoring when I home-schooled him in 2nd grade and it’s hard to believe he’s been going non-stop ever since.  There are no words to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for you on helping him get through these 10 books.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are cherished & appreciated so much.  

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This is one of the results of the Barton Spelling & Reading Program. It's beautiful to see these kids soar!