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Steps to a FREE Consultation for a Dyslexia Screening

Step 1

        Parents Watch the Video "What is Dyslexia" ~ Symptoms & Solutions by Susan Barton
Step 2
         Write down the signs you see in your child from the above video.
          For a printed list of the signs and symptoms, click here
Step 3
  • Collect copies of report cards and other testing that has been done.

  • Collect at least 5-7 uncorrected handwriting samples. Preferably at least 2-3 spelling tests and 2-3 writing samples.  

Step 4

If you see at least 3 signs and have collected the uncorrected samples and report cards, and there is dyslexia or signs seen in the family tree, then click the email below and request to set up a time to meet. Please send the writing samples and report card scans to:

Sue Bridgman at:

or send a text to Sue with photos at - 970-405-4967

Step 5

Schedule a FREE Consultation  with Sue- Fill Out the form and pick a time to meet: 

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